Crystalline Silica Dust

Silica Dust Inhalation Increases Your Risk of Developing:

Crystallines silica dust is also known as silica dust is a substance created from a tile flooring removal job. The dust is extremely dangerous to your health when it is inhaled and should be avoided at all costs. Dust free tile removal services are the best way to prevent exposure to the dangerous substance.








A large pool of U.S. laborers come into contact with respirable crystalline silica dust through a variety of construction-related jobs. These construction jobs include stone countertop fabrication, mining, flooring removal, oil and gas extraction, foundries, and other assembling settings. Respirable crystalline silica is popularly known as silica dust or tile dust within the flooring removal industry. Silica dust is comprised of microscopic particles that become airborne during work exercises with materials that contain crystalline silica. Such exercises include:

  • Drilling
  • Cutting
  • Chipping
  • Sanding
  • Crushing
  • Materials include sand, concrete, block, brick, stone, and mortar.

The irreversible yet preventable lung illness known as Silicosis is developed through the inhalation of crystalline silica dust. Construction work exposes workers and anybody that comes into contact with the dust. Crystalline silica dust increases a person’s risk of developing serious lung diseases that could become fatal.






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Traditional & Virtually Dust Free Tile Removal Methods are


Traditional and virtually dust-free tile removal methods are extremely outdated and release hundreds of pounds of dust back into your home. Many people often choose traditional services in an effort to save the most money on their tile removal but little do they know, the costly aftermath, will end up drilling a hole in their pockets. Traditional tile removal is the oldest method in existence. This method does not eliminate the cancer-causing silica dust created from the tile removal and leaves you and your loved ones exposed. This is typically the method that costs the least upfront. However, it will require you to hire professional cleaners to remove the dust from your home. Homeowners usually end up hiring cleaning companies for several months and even then most of the dust will not be gone.

Virtually dust-free on the other hand is a concept focused on capturing just enough dust so you won’t see it in your home. But this does not mean the tile dust isn’t present. This method is also one that is outdated and releases many pounds of dust back into the air. Virtually dust free tile removal is not DUST FREE.

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Outdated Flooring Removal Methods are a Bad Idea

Choosing traditional or virtually dust free over a truly dustless tile removal service is a terrible idea. Here is why:

Dust Free Tile Removal

Health Risks

Outdated methods cost less, that is true. But by choosing an outdated service, you are putting your health at high risk of developing serious diseases associated with the respiratory system. Traditional and virtually dust-free contractors release silica dust letting it go airborne. The dust completely pierces through your home, pervading your belongings, walls, ceilings, and much more. Inhalation causes fluid build-up and creates scar tissue in the lungs. All of these health issues can be prevented by hiring contractors that are DustRam® certified, meaning they use military-grade and technologically advanced equipment to remove your flooring and make sure the dust doesn’t touch the air you breathe.

Cleaning Costs

The only process that actually captures and prevents exposure to silica is a dustless tile removal service. Virtually dust free is not the same as dustless tile removal. They are both extremely different methods. Outdated flooring removals release dust into the air. The air is pushed through the A/C and spreads like wildfire throughout your entire property. Dust will end up everywhere you can imagine. You may think you can simply clean your home to get rid of the dust but it is not that simple. Silica is a hundred times smaller than 1 grain of sand. You cannot see a simple particle without a microscope. Now imagine having hundreds of pounds of dust floating in your home. The dust is extremely difficult to get rid of. Professional cleaning sessions cost between 5 to 8 hundred dollars. Months worth of cleaning sessions will be extremely necessary to remove most but not all of the dust.

Time Investment

Remodeling and renovating a commercial or residential property is no easy task. These types of endeavors are a massive time investment. It will be important to prepare for the planning, implementation, and unforeseen issues that may come about during the process. When it comes down to tile removal, time is one element that can be saved. DustRam® contractors will tackle the job without the need of putting up plastic sheeting with tape, water, and fans, in an effort to remove the dust. Our dustless flooring removal system removes tile three times faster, captures silica, and leaves your property cleaner. With DustRam® by your side, there is no need to pick up deterrents or pack and unpack items to keep them from getting penetrated with silica dust. The DustRam® system chips your tile and immediately sucks up the silica created, never releasing it back into your home. The DustRam® system is 50 times under the OSHA permissible exposure limit and captures 99.97% of tile dust at creation. Choose a DustRam® contractor, we get the job done faster without the extra hassles of traditional or virtually dust-free tile removal.

Overall Quality and Results

Not only will you spend more money, overall, with outdated flooring removal services, but you’ll also have to face the unwanted issues that come with an unprepared concrete subfloor. Most contractors do not take the time to properly prepare your subfloor to ensure a smoother flooring installation happens. Our team at DustRam® will grind down the thin-set and then scarify the concrete, leaving your subfloor much flatter and smoother. This will help with better adhesion when your new floor is laid down. When your subfloor is not well prepared for the new floor installation, it will cause a myriad of problems in the future. Three of the most common causes of uneven floors are extra moisture production, soil movement, and poor structural and foundation damage. All these can end up costing you a vasts amount of money to repair. Avoid unwanted problems by hiring a team of professionals where you know quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed. Choose DustRam®.