Tile Removal FAQs

Can Tile Removal Really Be Dust Free?

Yes. There are several different methods for the removal of tile. Each method captures a different percentage amount of crystalline silica dust. A tile removal performed by a DustRam® certified contractor is 99.97% dust free. While other methods such as traditional and virtually dust free, still expose you to silica dust. In the hands of a factory-trained and certified contractor, DustRam®’s system provides a completely dustless flooring removal solution. Hanging plastic is not used during our process because our system captures the silica dust immediately preventing it from touching the air. 

What are the Different Types of Tile Removal?

If you are interested in tile removal, you should know about the 3 different method options that contractors perform. Traditional tile removal, virtually dust-free tile removal, and DustRam® dustless tile removal. Traditional and virtually dust free are outdated methods that still leave silica dust in your home. 

What are the Differences Between Traditional, Virtually Dust Free, and Dustless Tile Removal?

Dustless tile removal by DustRam® is the only method that is truly dust free. This method captures 99.97% of dust at production, never releasing silica or formaldehyde particles back into your home. Traditional and virtually dust free tile removal, on the other hand, are methods without the technology that is necessary to capture the dust. Traditional exposes you to the most dust, virtually dust-free captures enough dust so you can’t see it but is still dangerous and non-compliant with OSHA’s permissible exposure level. Lastly, the only truly dust-free method is one performed by DustRam® certified contractors. We capture 99.97% of dust at the point of origin, every single time.

Who is DustRam®?

DustRam® is the inventor of the dust free tile removal method. We built a system here in America that removes ceramic tile, hardwood floor, Saltillo tile, natural stone, slate tile, thin-set mortar, tile adhesives and glues, and much more, approximately 3 times faster than any other system in existence. The dust free system by DustRam® removes dust particles down to 0.3 microns of silica dust leaving your home 99.97% dust free. We are the only certifying entity in the US and have trained over 23 contractors to perform truly dust free flooring removals for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

What is the DustRam® System of Tools and Equipment?

The DustRam® system is a comprehensive system of tools and equipment designed specifically to capture tile dust and other small debris particles at production. The DustRam® is an attachment tool that pairs with the Bosch 11264EVS chipping hammer. The DustRam® was designed in 2008 to capture silica 360 degrees around the chisel preventing the tile dust from ever going airborne. Each DustRam® system contains well over 100 individual components. Contractors are welcome to inquire about purchasing our system and becoming certified DustRam® contractors.

Who is the DustRam® System for?

The DustRam® system is made for companies and contractors that wish to remove tile flooring completely dust-free. You can now purchase the DustRam® system of tools and equipment by contacting our team today

In What Cities is DustRam® Currently Available?

DustRam® has contractors throughout the United States including Hawaii. Check out our locations page to find a contractor in your city. If you do not see your city listed, then we recommend asking your local flooring removal contractor to consider buying the DustRam® system. This is the only truly dust free tile removal system out on the market. 

Can DustRam® Be Rented Out?

No. The entire system by DustRam® is only sold to contractors that are established and have been trained to use it correctly. Because there are well over 100 components that make up the DustRam® system, training is crucial and the system cannot be rented out.

What is the Cost of Buying the DustRam® System?

The DustRam® system is only sold as a package of tools and equipment. It is scaled to the number of operators trained to use the system. The system begins at $68k.

How Does the the DustRam® System Compare to Others Currently Out On the Market?

The dust free tile removal system by DustRam® is the only complete system that is available out on the current market. The system is patented and our only competition would be any contractor that offers “virtually dust free tile removal.’ However, it is important to know that virtually does not equal dust free. The virtually free method simply means you cannot see it but its still exposing you to hundreds of pounds of cancer causing tile dust. The only truly dust free tile removal is one performed by a DustRam® certified contractor.

How Neccessary is Dustless Tile Removal?

Dustless tile removal is extremely necessary. This is the only method that does not put your health at risk. Your health and the health of our workers is the most important factor that influenced the creation of the DustRam® system. Crystalline silica dust from tile has been categorized as a cancer-causing agent by OSHA. Thus our contractors remain 50 times under their permissible exposure limit. Outdated methods expose you to great quantities of silica dust. Dustless tile removal is important.

How Much Will a Dustless Tile Floor Removal Cost?

Many factors go into play but our cost minimum per job is $1,000. Contact a certified contractor in your city for more information and to get a free quote.